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$450.00 (includes touch-up procedure)

Microblading is a revolutionary eyebrow enhancement procedure which is a form of permanent cosmetics. Manual tattooing using a hand held tool has been around longer then tattooing with a machine.  This procedure is carried out by a qualified technician using a hand-tool called a Microblading pen which holds disposable blades of many different sizes used to create hair like strokes in the eyebrow area.

The small disposable blades are dipped into a pigment matched to the clients hair color and complexion.  It is then used to create hair like strokes by depositing pigment into the dermis layer of the skin, giving the appearance of real hair.  The results are flawless natural looking eyebrows that last 1-3 years (results vary).


Our Microblading Technician, Jody, went through one of the most elite training courses offered within the United States.  She is also certified in Bloodborne Pathogens to ensure sanitation and safety are maintained to the highest standards.

Microblading Exclusion List
(not everybody is a candidate)
Carefully review the forms below, and print and complete prior to your arrival. Please bring it with you! 
Please call to reserve a consultation visit at least 1 week prior to desired procedure date
Please allow up to 2.5 hours on the day of your procedure
Please schedule your touch up procedure no longer than 6-10 weeks after your initial appointment

Before and  Immediately After Procedure Photos

2019 Microblading poster.jpg
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